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Ladies and Gentlemen

Many of you may recognize me as the former international representative for Demilec USA during the time between 2008 and 2014. Early 2014 Mr. Dave Lall (Partner Demilec USA/VP, General Director) and his immediate team departed from the company. I immediately followed their example.

Since then I have been involved with a cooperative project in partnership with the best and most accomplished individuals in the American polyurethane industry. The result of my work is the next generation of products for the spray foam industry. The European testing and certifications are underway. So is the international literature and marketing. Since April 2014 LALLAFOM USA has been successfully installed and enthusiastically received by the spray foam professionals in a number of European markets. I’d like to interest you in this project. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

LALLAFOM USA continues with the introduction of the next generation world class spray foam, polyurea membranes and modified aliphatic roof coatings. The continuous supply distribution for the European market is here. These products are all made in the USA, present a distinctly competitive pricing, in real terms raise the standards of quality and drive your overall customer value well above the competition. (Link:

You may surpass your competition by offering LALLAFOM USA technologies. Our formulations have been so carefully chosen making them a stand out from the mid to low range quality materials. Thanks to our business model based on the highly focused and limited number of international contractors, technical support, subsidized marketing program, healthy competition and most of all cutting age odorless, 0% VOC, E class fire rated, water and 365mfc – blown wall and roofing foam systems our contractors are constantly winning the customers.

At this time we will engage in a partnership discussions with spray foam companies on the European territory.

We will choose only one partner in every respective region.

For further questions please contact: (+48) 881 911 999

Sebastian Broniarczyk
General Manager
LALLAFOM (USA) Global, Inc.

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